2014 in Review and a Look at 2015

2014 in Review

2014 was a growing and rewarding year forTeam Up.  We began a new dimension of our work by taking on two year support of young ladies who finish high school and leave their work and lodging at the elderly home.  With two new graduates from the Hogar in December 2013 we supported 8 young ladies, 6 of them being from the Hogar.  We continue to pay for Roger's physical therapy and are blessed each time we visit him and his wife Nancy and daughter Donna.  John and Laurel have experienced a strong bond with the young ladies as they lengthen their stays.  Keith and Flo have been blessed with 2 new grandchildren and are looking forward to a trip to Santa Rosa in the spring of 2015 to reconnect with the girls.  They were blessed with the opportunity to support Yeny while she was in Wisconsin until last June and attended her graduation in May.  We also feel extremely blessed to have Blanca as our new house mom.  Because of generous donations we were also able to provides funds for the hardware for a young woman to have hip replacement surgery and we continued to provide funds for smaller maintenence projects at the Hogar.

2015-Moving Forward

Our focus will continue to be to provide support and encouragement to the young women who leave the Hogar as they finish high school.  Beginning in January we have 11 young ladies we support including the 2 young women from the elderly home.  John and Laurel will continue to lengthen their stay as they build relationships with the young women and the girls at the Hogar.  Along with housing and education , beginning in January we have implemented a monthly savings program. We will match up to 200 Lempira per month with each young lady who is willing to put a small amount into savings to be used to launch them when they finish their time with us. This could potentially amount to $2000 in four years which is the equivalent of about six months wages. We also will continue to pay for education beyond the four years. Team Up is also planning to build on to a small block house for Thelma and her two sons.  Thelma left the Hogar around 12 years ago.  The addition will increase her living quarters from 180 square feet to 380 square feet.  As funds come in we are excited to continue to find ways to serve the less fortunate and very deserving people of Santa Rosa.  As always Joe continues to be the stabilizing role model for the girls as well as our eyes and ears and we are so greatful for his leadership as we look forward to 2015.