April 11-20, 2015 in SantaRosa

As I write the temperatures are headed toward 90 degrees for the third day in a row with no relief in site.  Joe says this has been the hottest he has seen in the 14 years he has been here. Things have been much quieter since the Ramers and Tyrrells left on the 11th. Friday we invited Elsa with her son David and Arely and daughter Brihana for lunch. They were both at the Hogar several years ago. Friday night the young women we sponsor came for movie night and snacks. On Sunday Laurel and I helped cook lunch for the girls at the Hogar. We grilled chicken and hot dogs.  The girls were so appreciative.  Sunday night it was Yeny's turn to cook for the weekly Sunday dinner for those we support in our program.  Glendy from downstairs helped Yeny and the meal was held at our apartment. There were 12 total for chicken, potatoes, gravy, salad, corn, and ice cream for dessert. We then watched an episode of Little House on the Priarie.  Laurel also helped Joe and the girls work in his garden one day at the Hogar.The week was truly one of continuing to solidly relationships. The perserverance and resolve of these young ladies continues to amaze me in this poor environment with little opportunity for advancement. Laurel and I are thankful to be involved in their lives through our work with Keith, Flo, and Joe as Team Up For Honduras. To see more picks from last week go to photos and clicck on the last pic.