April 2015 Team Up To Honduras Trip

April 2nd 2015 John and Nancy Tyrrell, Keith and Flo Ramer, and John and Laurel Leedy travelled to Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras with Team Up For Honduras. It was Holy Week so everyone was on holiday during the first three days so we spent most of the time reconnecting with the girls at the Hogar and the young ladies in Team Up's program and in our apartment complex. Friday morning we attended the Good Friday processional which lasted 3.5 hours. It was both beautiful and inspiring. Late Sunday morning we met with 11 young ladies all formerly from the Hogar and read and discussed the Easter story from the Gospel of John. Then Sunday night we took the young ladies from our program to a favorite restaurant called Lenca Maya.

During the next week the six of us did small projects at the Hogar and in the apartments Team Up For Honduras leases for the young women. Wednesday Joe took us to La Campa, a well known pottery town. We took the longer scenic route (6 hours) over switchbacks around the highest mountain in Honduras. Friday evening we provided a meal of chinese cuisine for the children at the Hogar as well as the Marias and Sisters. The girls did a farwell program for the Ramers and Tyrells and with sadness and thankfulness they said their goodbyes.