Building relationships

Busy time in Santa Rosa de Copan this week.  John has been under the weather with a chest cold so I have been at the hogar de ninas most afternoons doing crafts and most of all building strong relationships.  Love spending time with the girls and listening to the laughter and chatter, balls bouncing, jump ropes, jacks and some disagreements.  There are currently 47 girls at the hogar (home) between the ages of 4 to 19, along with marias (girls from villages outside of the town that attend High School in the evening and work at the home during the day).  The girls are currently on summer break till February so we have time to spend with them.  Wednesday I helped with Christmas cards they are making.  I am always amazed at how talented they are with none of the modern day things, just paper, scissors & glue. Thursday I took up my paper to teach them how to make German stars out of strips of paper. What a challange with the little girls but soon the tutors, marias and nuns were all busy folding paper stars. Most evenings are spent playing Dominos at our apartment with a couple of the neighbors till late but lots of laughter about who is the official "Champeón", each night we just start where we stopped the night before. Today a couple of the girls in our program didn't work so we made cupcakes to take and have the girls decorate, lots of frosting everywhere but all worth it. On our walk back to the apartment we stopped at the elderly home to visit Paula, a woman that Team Up For Honduras helped pay for her hip replacement on October 14.  Her family lives in a village out in the mountains and she could no longer walk and doctors said she would become bedridden if she did not have the surgery. This was the first we met her and her husband and was surprised how young she is. She is recouperating at the elderly home across from the hospital till she can return to her village. Pray for her recovery and also her family.  God has shown us so much of His grace and love, it is very humbling to see these situations and still see his hand in all of it.  Very thankful to serve and let Him lead where we are to go.  Feel Blessed