John and Laurel travel to Santa Rosa

John and Laurel Leedy left Ohio October 29th to spend a month in Santa Rosa.  Arriving in San Pedro Sula they were greeted by Joe and the driver Christian along with four grade schoolers from the orphanage and Osiris from our program. It was such a surprise since Joe has never brought any children with him. Of course 10 year old Gracia was car sick the entire way to and from Santa Rosa de Copan. After lunch we spent 4 hours in San Pedro Sula shopping for furnishings for the new girls including a refrigerator, microwave, dishes, pots and pans etc.  Then we headed for Santa Rosa making the 90 mile journey in four hours after dark.  On Saturday Laurel spent some time helping the girls at the Hogar make bread for the week.  Today (Sunday) was a great day despite 3 days of constant rain and temperatures only reaching the low 60's.  After going to church this morning with the children from the orphanage, John and Joe cooked hamburgers on the grill for them while Laurel along with Osiris and Yeny and the children played games. This evening we took several of our young ladies from our program to dinner at Lenca Maya.  We look forward to continuing to strengthen the relationships with the girls in our programs this month, as well as continuing to build the relaionships we have with the girls at the orphanage and several folks in our apartment complex.