THe week of November 10th in review.

The weather here in Santa Rosa is a sunny 75 degrees which sounds especially wonderful when my friends on facebook are showing me snow with school cancellations.  We went furniture shopping last week and found a nice three piece living room set for the extra apartment we will rent.  We also looked at several houses to replace the one that most of the girls and house mom are in.  We found one that we are going to make an offer to lease for next year. Last Tuesday we went to visit Roger and Nancy.  We contine to pay for his physical therapy and see slight progress.  He recognized us and gave a firm handshake.  He has brain damage from an acccident with a drunk driver.  It makes us realize how fragile we are as we travel life's journey.  Roger and Nancy's 4th anniversary was Saturday.  Thursday we travelled to the other side of Santa Rosa to look at a possible project for Team Up, trusting that funds will be available.  A mother who left the Hogar in 2004 has two boys ages 3 and 6.  They live in a block home that she inherited from family.  The structure is 10 feet by 20 feet.  Using local labor we hope to add to the home.  Yesterday afternoon we hosted 19 of the girls from the Hogar and Laurel made peanut butter cookies for them  The week ended with dinner at the house where most of the young ladies live.  It was Berta's turn to cook and we had a delicious meal of chicken, rice, and fresh vegetables.