How We Serve

Team Up For Honduras’ most significant ongoing project that Joe began in 2004 and the Leedy’s and Ramer’s became compassionate about involves helping young ladies from The Hogar de Ninas, a girl’s orphanage in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras.  When the girls graduate from high school and leave the orphanage this project involves assisting them in transitioning into life independent of the Hogar.  It includes supplying them with housing, start-up needs including a bed, dresser, table/chairs, fridge, stove, towels, sheets, kitchen needs, etc.  We create stability for the girls by paying their full rent the first year, 3/4th rent the second,1/2 rent the third, and 1/4th rent the fourth year.  We also pay their tuition and bus fare to and from the local university, assist in school books, and help with English and computer classes which is beneficial to them.  The project also takes care of medical expenses.  The goal is to help the girls become strong and independent and able to take care of themselves in a very poor and difficult culture.  Team Up also provides a house mother to oversee the girls.

Team Up For Honduras will continue to do other projects as funds are available both at the Hogar de Ninas and in the community.

Examples of Past Projects:

  • Paint projects at the orphanage
  • Repair of the back wall of the orphanage using local labor
  • Remodeling of guest rooms at the Hogar
  • Completion of living quarters for a mother and her two small children
  • Built an outdoor kitchen at elderly home


Present Projects:

  • Monthly cost for physical therapy for a young father who suffered brain damage when hit by a drunk driver
  • Team Up For Honduras has also begun providing housing assistance for two years for young ladies who come from remote villages that do not offer high school education.  These young ladies live and work in an elderly home in Santa Rosa de Copan for six years while attaining their high school diploma. Upon graduation Team Up furnishes an apartment and assists with rent.